January 2018 - Organizational Investment

West Lakes Partnership (WLP) Nominating Committee completes nomination of 15-member Board of Directors. Starts FY 2018 with $692.25 raised by former West Lakes Council members.  

February 2018 - Organizational Investment

First meeting of the West Lakes Board of Directors takes place. Board elects Andre Smart as Chair and David Brewer as Vice-Chair. Raymer Kelly recognized for his leadership of both the Council and later, West Lakes Partnership.

Spring 2018 - Design Investment

WLP Neighborhood Engagement Committee to discuss banners and beautification ideas. Committee adopts 2018 neighborhood engagement calendar for board action. 35 residents and community partners attended the first committee meeting.  

April 2018 - Housing

In collaboration with Hannibal Square CLT, WLP submits $250,000 CDBG grant application to acquire, rehab and market for sell five (5) vacant and abandoned single family homes.

Summer 2018 - Economic Viability

130 out of 180 small businesses in West Lakes are surveyed and identify the need for a business association/district and safety as key priorities. 2 business receptions and a food business cohort emerge from the work of the survey.

Fall 2018 - Housing & Design Investment

West Lakes Partnership gets informal go ahead to for housing grant by the City of Orlando. Orlando City Council approves final design review of the resident-led Lake Lorna Doone Park improvement initiative

November 2018 - Organizational Investment

51,291 views across Facebook and website. 10,000 copies of West Lakes News have been distributed. 201 welcome gifts delivered to Pendana residents. 221 neighborhood leaders participated with an average attendance of 70 residents over 3 community meetings. 100 donated bikes for kids to promote physical fitness. Nearly 85 families are active in Polis-led, MVP Families.

December 2018 - Organizational Investment

As the 12-month journey ends on the initial Board, WLP is projected to close out the year having raised $50,000+ in revenue (from board gifts to creative leasing partnerships with LIFT Orlando to online donations from the community). Payroll, budgeting and financial systems implemented