Our Approach


Community Engagement

West Lakes Partnership (WLP) practices holistic, place-based community engagement, structured community planning, and early targeted action investments. Our Community Conversational Dinners are designed to allow time to build deep understanding of the neighborhood that can shape the pace and nature of engagement. We want to make sure residents have a voice at the table and that projects are geared toward "community ownership" and are "resident driven." We respectfully engage issues of race, class, and culture.



In partnership with Lift Orlando and other community partners, we seek to connect West Lakes residents to career counseling, employment placement and financial well-being.


WLP is a nonprofit focused on increasing home ownership opportunities in the West Lakes neighborhood. Currently, in the 5 neighborhoods of West Lakes, over 300 single and multi-family housing units are vacant.  WLP seeks to construct new, and rehab older, vacant single family homes by using public and private funding sources and developing cooperative relationships with local government entities and private investors.


Community Beautification

We seek to create activities and projects that increase neighborhood pride such as a banner program, gateway signage and improved neighborhood amenities.